101 Apple Recipes: easy apples recipes everyone can prepare


Recipes you will find in this book:

Apple Frog Prince
Apple Pecan Cake
Apple and beetroot salad
Apple and coconut ring cake
Apple and cranberry bread
Apple and cranberry salad
Apple and kiwi fruit smoothie
Apple and pear charlotte
Apple and pepper chutney
Apple and sultana fritters
Apple banana fairy cakes
Apple cake with cinnamon and cream cheese topping
Apple carrot bran muffins
Apple chutney with thyme
Apple cinnamon protein muffins
Apple pancakes
Apple pecan cake with rum sauce
Apple pecan cheesecake
Apple pie bars
Apple pie muffins
Apple pie spice
Apple pie with crunchy topping
Apple puff squares
Apple tartlets
Apple tiramisu
Apple, cheese and Branston pickle on toast
Apple, raisin and custard crumble
Autumn apple muffins
Avocado, apple and almond salad
Awesome apple turnovers
Baked Apples with Vanilla Custard
Baked apple pancake
Baked apples glazed with port
Baked apples with cinnamon
Baked apples with dates and walnuts
Banana apple smoothie
Banana, apple and peach smoothie
Banapple honey shake
Beautiful German apple cake
Best apple pie
Bramley apple and pecan crumble
Bramley apple crumble
Cape gooseberry and apple crumble
Caramelised apples
Carrot and Apple Salad
Carrot and apple bakewell cake with lemon icing
Carrot, apple, cucumber, orange and kale smoothie
Chestnut stuffed apples
Chinese cabbage salad with apple, tangerine and lemon-yoghurt dressing
Cinnamon Apple Walnut Muffins
Cinnamon apple pancakes
Cranberry Apple Pie
Cranberry apple crisp
Cranberry apple crumble
Cranberry-Apple Crumble
Creamy apple and fennel bake
Danish Easter apple cake
Delicious apple pancakes and herby scrambled eggs
Delicious toffee apples
Dutch apple crumble cake
Dutch apple pie
Dutch apple traybake
Easy peasy apple crumble
Fennel, apple and herring salad
Gammon with an Apple, Honey and Mustard Glaze
German red cabbage with apples
Goat cheese and apple canaps
Grated carrot and apple salad
Homemade pork, cranberry and apple sausages
Juicy apple tart with creme fraiche
Kiwi banana apple smoothie
Maple and pecan apple crumble
Maple apple crumble
Mini apple muffins
Mini caramel apple pies
Moist apple bars
Oat and Apple Streusel Muffins
Oaty Apple and Cranberry Cookies
Pan-fried red cabbage with apples
Pear and apple cake slices
Polish apple meringue cake
Red cabbage and apple salad
Refreshing apple sorbet
Roast pork and apple baguettes
Russian soured cream apple pie
Sausage and apple meatloaf
Sharlotka (Russian apple cake)
Simple apple crumble
Simple apple pie
Slow cooker butternut squash, carrot and apple soup
Smoked mackerel and apple salad
Spiced hot apple punch
Sugar free and gluten free apple cupcakes
Sweet kugel with apple sauce
Sweet potato, carrot, apple and red lentil soup
Trout baked with apples and cider
Turkey with red cabbage and apple
Vegan apple and banana muffins
Vegan apple oatmeal pancakes
Vegan berry and apple crumble
Walnut apple crumble

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