28 SAT Math Lessons to Improve Your Score in One Month(3rd Edition)


This Advanced Course from the “28 SAT Math Lessons” series, for the revised SAT beginning March 2016, gives you all of Dr. SteveWarner’s unique tips, tricks and tactics that he has developed over thelast 14 years to get his strongest students from a 600 to an 800 in SATmath. Dr. Warner has used his Ph.D. in mathematics to create theultimate system for generating huge score increases in SAT math withonly 20 minutes of preparation each day.

The material in thisbook consists of Dr. Warner’s exclusive strategies that students usually pay $500 per hour to access during private tutoring lessons. The unique techniques Dr. Warner teaches, now available in his “Get 800″collection of books, are the most effective ever published and cannot be found in any other SAT prep book!

Be careful! Some of Dr.Warner’s students have shown such significant score increases that theCollege Board has accused them of cheating with no evidence besidestheir score increase from one SAT to the next. If you feel that this may happen to you after using one of Dr. Warner’s books please contact himbefore taking your next SAT and he will tell you how to protectyourself.

Beware of other books on the market that claim to be as good as Dr. Warner’s. No book can be as effective as this one unless it targets students in a specific score range. Other tutors and authors,while very intelligent, often make a mistake by teaching every studenthow to solve problems in the same way. They do not understand thephilosophy of the test and do not always know how to translate their own genius into points which would fit a specific student’s needs depending on his/her math level.

The “28 SAT Math Lessons” three book series is perfect for your SAT math prep for 5 reasons:

  1. Each of the 3 books in the series (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)targets students within a specific score range. The targeted nature ofthese books allows you to choose a course that is a perfect fit for you. This means that you will not waste any time practicing problems thatyou do not need help with. The Advanced Course is perfect if you arecurrently scoring 600 or higher on College Board practice tests and areaiming for a perfect 800.
  2. Dr. Warner has had to teach SAT mathprep for 15+ years to accumulate the powerful combination of insightsand strategies found in this book. Years of experience and a uniqueapproach have led to the ultimate product that outdoes any other SATprep book. While other books teach general mathematical knowledge, Dr.Warner’s strategies are designed to exploit the test’s weaknesses, which allow students to save huge amounts of time, avoid careless mistakes,and answer questions correctly without any messy algebraic computations
  3. The lessons will naturally increase your mathematical maturity so that your potential score increases simultaneously with your actual score. Thismeans that you can actually become capable of getting an 800 even if you were not before picking up the book. The information in theintroduction alone is enough to raise your SAT math score up to 50points before you even attempt one math problem
  4. There are morethan 300 SAT math problems to practice with,most of which are Level 4and 5. Explanations of the solutions are extremely thorough andcomprehensible.
  5. The course is designed to ensure that studentsare preparing in the most efficient way possible just by reading thebook from cover to cover. No choices ever have to be made. The authorhas ensured that good preparation happens automatically with no efforton the reader’s part.

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