A Practical Guide to Learning PHP, MySQL and Apache


Find out how PHP, MySQL and Apache power the web. Designed for people at all skill levels, you can work through well explained code examples that’ll take you from the basics to complex real-life scenarios.A practical guide to learning PHP, MySQL and Apache covers it all. Starting with setting up and working with your Apache based web server, learning SQL and how to apply it with MySQL and building your own applications in PHP. Along the way you’ll take in syntax, security, and best practices. Then it ties all these together with real-life programming scenarios to help drive it all home.Each chapter is packed with fully programmed and thoroughly documented examples as well as illustrations to help make sense of different programming concepts. When you’re finished, you should be able to develop your own dynamic web applications that start with a well configured server and a thought out database implementation.This book is the perfect match for any aspiring programmer or seasoned expert. From start to finish, this book is the perfect resource.

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