[100% off] Andrew the Great: The Heroic Story of Andrew Jackson


Who was Andrew Jackson?

We see him every time an ATM spews out a bunch of $20 bills for us; and again and again when we spend those same bills. We hear or repeat his name, though perhaps not knowingly, whenever the well-known towns of Jacksonville, Florida or Jackson, Mississippi are mentioned; or any of the 14 towns and 22 counties throughout America which also bear his name. Beyond being the 7th President of the United States, this Andrew Jackson fellow sure must have been a man of some great accomplishment and significance — and indeed he was.

In addition to being able to identify his face on the most commonly circulated currency bill in America, and reciting the fact that he was a U.S. President, the “man-in-the-street,” assuming he was awake during his schooling years, would probably be able to tell you that Jackson, as a general during the War of 1812, was the hero who defeated superior British forces at the Battle of New Orleans. On the negative side of Jackson’s ledger, this same “average Joe,” will also tell you that Jackson, a slave-owner, tormented and terrorized the Indians by marching them off of their lands and westward on “The Trail of Tears.” (sniffle sniffle)

But given Jackson’s status as an immortalized “super-hero” of American history – yet fast becoming a “super-villain” — there has got to be more to his story than most people know. There has also has got to be a reason, other than simply the passage of time, as to why fewer and fewer people today even know about the heroic deeds which made him a legend. And there must also be a reason why so many young people have become more familiar with his alleged mistreatment of the oh-so-blameless and gentle “Native Americans” than anything else he did.

Would you believe that the culture-defining “powers that be” which today control academia, banking, media and even entertainment are the direct linear business/political descendants of — and in at least one significant case, the actual direct genetic descendants of — the corrupt elites which the dauntless Andrew Jackson battled and defeated during his presidency? It’s true, and it’s one of the greatest stories no longer told.

It is the true story of Andrew the Great. Enjoy.

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