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The Art of Captivating Conversation 0

The Art of Captivating Conversation: How to Be Confident, Charismatic, and Likable in Any Situation

Description The Art of Captivating Conversation is a book for enhancing social skills and developing conversation starters—how to have a deeper connection with people, with tips based on human and social psychology as well as the author’s observations and proven coaching techniques. Readers will learn the basics of what makes a good interaction, as well as a plethora of highly-actionable techniques to become more confident, charismatic, and likable. Download Links Server1  |  Server2 (Size : 541 KB)

Small Business Survival Book 0

Small Business Survival Book: 12 Surefire Ways for Your Business to Survive and Thrive

Description Owning a small business can be a fulfilling and financially rewarding experience, but to be successful, you must know what to do before starting a business; what to do while the business is up and running; and, most importantly, what to do when the business runs into trouble. With a combined fifty years of small business experience between them, authors Barbara Weltman and Jerry Silberman know what it takes to make it in this competitive environment, and in Small Business Survival Book, they show you how. In a clear and concise voice, Weltman and Silberman reveal twelve surefire ways to help your small business...

Sabotage 0

Sabotage: The Hidden Nature of Finance

Description I don’t like the word ‘sabotage’,”—a former Goldman Sachs trader admitted. “It’s just harsh…. Though, frankly, how else do you make money in this business…I mean, real money.” The fundamental motive for financial innovation is not to make the system work better, but to avoid regulation and oversight. This is not a bug of the financial system, but a built-in feature. The president of the US is not a tax avoider because he is an especially fraudulent financier; he’s a tax avoider because he is a wealthy man in a system premised on such deceit. Finance is an industry of sabotage. This book is...

Personal Training Business 0

Personal Training Business: Everything You Need to Start a Successful Business, 4th Edition

Description Personal Training Business shows you how to create a revenue stream by helping clients build stronger, healthier bodies. This guide features information on how to start a training business, choose a training focus and location, cultivate a client base, and market training services using the latest trends in social media. Download Links Server1  |  Server2 (Size : 15.2 MB)

Make Anything Happen 0

Make Anything Happen: A Creative Guide to Vision Boards, Goal Setting, and Achieving the Life of Your Dreams

Description Everyone wants to accomplish their goals and live the life of which they dream. But in today’s busy age, how do we make that happen? This interactive book helps readers live an intentional life by determining their priorities and tapping into their creativity to create beautiful and functional vision boards and manageable action plans to achieve their goals. Through guided worksheets, vision board templates and samples, and planning pages, author Carrie Lindsey inspires readers to get clear on what they really want and then make it happen. Getting your life in order has never been so much fun! What would happen if you set...

Learning Scala 0

Learning Scala: Practical Functional Programming for the JVM

Description Why learn Scala? You don’t need to be a data scientist or distributed computing expert to appreciate this object-oriented functional programming language. This practical book provides a comprehensive yet approachable introduction to the language, complete with syntax diagrams, examples, and exercises. You’ll start with Scala’s core types and syntax before diving into higher-order functions and immutable data structures. Author Jason Swartz demonstrates why Scala’s concise and expressive syntax make it an ideal language for Ruby or Python developers who want to improve their craft, while its type safety and performance ensures that it’s stable and fast enough for any application. Download Links Server1  | ...

Hbr's 10 Must Reads on Negotiation 0

Hbr’s 10 Must Reads on Negotiation with Bonus Article “15 Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer”

Description Learn how to be strategic and formidable in all aspects of negotiation—from reading the room, to staying cool, to achieving the best outcome.If you read nothing else on negotiation, read these 10 articles. We’ve combed through hundreds of Harvard Business Review articles and selected the most important ones to help you clinch successful deals in business and beyond. Download Links Server1  |  Server2 (Size : 3.1 MB)

Electric Machines 0

Electric Machines: Principles, Applications, and Control Schematics, 2nd Edition

Description Designed to serve as a textbook for a single semester undergraduate course on electromechanical energy conversion devices or electric machines, ELECTRIC MACHINES strikes a balance between theoretical coverage, easy explanations, and practical applications, presenting real world applications of concepts without compromising on the rigor or the continuity of the text. The book provides excellent readability, in a conversational style, combined with invaluable industry insight. The accompanying website provides problems solved in MATLAB, SPICE simulations, manufacturing data, as well as additional problems for students and instructors. Download Links Server1  |  Server2 (Size : 6.4 MB)

Edge 0

Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage

Description Laura Huang, “Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage”. Laura Huang, a preeminent Harvard Business School professor, shows that success is about gaining an edge: that elusive quality that gives you an upper hand and attracts attention and support. Some people seem to naturally have it. Now, Huang teaches the rest of us how to create our own from the challenges and biases we think hold us back, and turning them to work in our favor. How do you find a competitive edge when the obstacles feel insurmountable? How do you get people to take you seriously when they’re predisposed not to, and perhaps have already...

The Book of St John 0

The Book of St John: Over 100 Brand New Recipes from London’s Iconic Restaurant

Description ‘The Book of St John is too witty to be a manifesto, but it is a sturdy invocation of the need for comfort, generosity and ritual at the table. And it is a gurglingly delightful compendium of – quite simply – delicious ideas and stories’. Nigella Lawson’An unutterable joy from the team behind one of the most influential and important restaurants in Britain … This is much more than a book of recipes, though (glorious as they are). It’s also about the importance of the table, of feasting, of friendship, of the white cloth napkin on your knee. And it sings of simple but...