[100% off] Becoming Toxic People’s Worst Nightmare


Imagine This . . .
You are out with your friends. You are having a great time.
Suddenly, one of your ‘friends’ makes a sarcastic comment about you. That is, he makes fun of you and makes the entire group laughs. At you!
Suddenly, you are feeling so insecure and resentful. You stay silent or fake a nervous smile. It hurts. But you don’t say anything. You can’t or don’t want to, it doesn’t matter.
Then when you go home, you set there thinking about all the things you could have said and could have done. All the ways it sucks to let someone walk over you. And that kills whatever self-esteem that is left.
Or How About This . . .
You are in a great mood. Everything is beautiful. You are smiling and waving at cats and doves at the park for no reason other than you being ecstatic (and a little maniac!).
Then somehow, you meet this person. This person is charming. This person comes across as someone who has it all together.
Few minutes of his charisma and you are feeling bad. You are feeling bad about yourself. Your life. Your good day. Everything sucks, including, and especially, you.
It had something to do with something that this person said or did. You can’t put your hand on it because their charisma is distracting. But you know, deep in your heart, that there was something toxic in that interaction.
OK, Here Is A Last, But Extreme, One . . .
There is this someone who knows that he can push you around. He can do it and get away with it. He knows you won’t do anything even if you wished.
He knows he can mock you, undervalue you, disrespect you, and even mistreat you. He knows that when it comes to charisma and social abilities, he wins and you suck.
So, he does just that. He makes you lose your self-esteem and suffer silently. He derives his sense of worth from your suffering. You know he is toxic, but it is usually you who is portrayed as toxic and timid and meek. And you hate it.
Does It Hurt To Imagine (Or Remember!) These Situations?
Then it means there are some toxic people in your life and you need to learn how to stand up for yourself against them.
How Do You Stop Toxic People From Screwing Up Your Life?
And how do you actually create a social circle in which you are respected and valued?
This book will help you.
Chances are, the toxic people in your life are making you unbelievably sick and mad. And they subtly make you feel weak for being helpless against their toxic behavior.
It doesn’t have to be this way.
But it can be this way. In this case, the price is your self-respect and sanity.
Having people walk over you and mistreat you isn’t pleasant. It makes you grow resentful. And with enough resentfulness, you may explode in delinquent ways.
And I don’t have to state the obvious. The world is not a beautiful place. And without understanding toxicity and evil people and setting boundaries, those toxic people can have more power and status than you and end up doing more harm to you and to more people.
Let’s break the cycle by breaking the silence and speaking up!
The book is short and to the point. No pages for the sake of increasing the number of pages.
It contains 5 chapters.
The first three chapters help you “study evil” to understand toxic people on a deeper level. Some tips to protect yourself are included.
The last two chapters are not what you might think. They don’t focus on toxic people and how to destroy them. Rather, they focus on you and how you can become a higher status individual.
They build on the knowledge of the previous chapters, but they focus mainly on developing skills and thinking patterns that should lift your social status, help you set boundaries, and become too charismatic to be bullied.

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