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Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships in a Hyper-Connected World

Description Cut through the networking noise and start building the powerful, real relationships needed to succeed in our digital world. If you think of networking as schmoozing at boring cocktail parties or scrolling through LinkedIn for new contacts to add, think again. In the social media age, you need a modern roadmap for creating and cultivating meaningful connections to stand out from the crowd and achieve any of your goals, no matter how big or small. In Build Your Dream Network, acclaimed business columnist and networking expert J. Kelly Hoey offers a fresh new approach to mastering this timeworn skill in a world where everyone...

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Trading: Technical Analysis Masterclass: Master the financial markets

Description Trading stocks, currencies, futures, and other financial contracts is not actually complicated and anybody can learn it in a relatively short time. This has been my daily experience for the past decade and even traders who have tried everything for years without success can make their first profits if the art of trading is explained to them in the right way. However, the keyword “in the right way” is important here. This book focuses on technical analysis, explanation and interpretation of price movements and chart patterns as well as on learning effective, ready-to-use trading strategies. However, it is important to go beyond the usual...

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I Dare You!

Description I Dare You! is geared toward young adults but resonates with all ages. Danforth’s “dares” promote a willingness to seize opportunities and strive harder, while developing a sense of adventure and a growing number of accomplishments. The author discusses the cultivation of strength, creativity, and character, and he encourages continuous learning and improvement. I Dare You! has served as an inspiration to generations of readers who took Danforth’s words to heart, bettering themselves and sharing the fruits of their success with others. Download Links Server1  |  Server2 (Size : 1.4 MB)

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The Cat & the Banker: How to Get Started with Investing: An Illustrated Story

Description Why should learning about finance and investing be dull and confusing? The Cat & The Banker is a fun and unconventional illustrated book about investing for people who don’t know where to start. Truth be told, this really is most people. This accessible, creative guide is ideal for anyone put off by stuffy investment manuals. The Cat & the Banker addresses these problem: Books about personal finance tend to be dry and boring. The Cat & The Banker distills powerful ideas through a candid and fun conversation between a cat and his banker. The underlying story puts the notions in context and helps readers relate to the concepts. Few...


The New York Times Best Sellers: Business – July, 2019

Description The New York Times Best Sellers are compiled and archived by The Best-Seller Lists Desk of The New York Times News Department, and are separate from the Culture, Advertising and Business sides of The New York Times Company. List: 01. DARE TO LEAD by Brené Brown 02. RANGE by David Epstein 03. BAD BLOOD by John Carreyrou 04. I WILL TEACH YOU TO BE RICH, 2nd Edition by Ramit Sethi 05. ATOMIC HABITS by James Clear 06. OUTLIERS by Malcolm Gladwell 07. EXTREME OWNERSHIP by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin 08. GRIT by Angela Duckworth 09. WOLFPACK by Abby Wambach 10. PRINCIPLES by Ray...

Fundamentals of Financial Instruments 0

Fundamentals of Financial Instruments

Description Fundamentals of Financial Instruments deals with the global financial markets and the instruments in which they trade. While most books on finance tend to be heavily mathematical, this book emphasizes the concepts in a logical, sequential fashion, introducing mathematical concepts only at the relevant times. As a result, the reader gains conceptual clarity reinforced by just the right level of technical detail to ensure a comprehensive exposure to the skills needed in the financial world. Establishes a strong foundation for understanding global markets Acts as an invaluable resource for those considering a career in the financial markets Offers an accessible yet in-depth treatise on modern...


Using Accounting & Financial Information: Analyzing, Forecasting, and Decision Making 2nd Edition

Description Accounting is often referred to as the language of business. Unfortunately, many business professionals lack the required fluency in this unique language to perform basic financial analysis, prepare budgetary forecasts, or to compare competing capital investment alternatives. This book targets individuals with limited exposure to—or formal training in—accounting and related finance disciplines. These individuals include—but certainly are not limited to—engineers, information technology specialists, retail managers, entrepreneurs, marketing directors, construction contractors, attorneys, and bankers who are making career transitions from consumer lending positions to become commercial loan officers. The primary purpose of this book is to help managers and business owners from diverse professional and...


Beat the Bots: How Your Humanity Can Future-Proof Your Tech Sales Career

Description As a salesperson, you need confidence and passion to win. But as buyers and robots continue to gain power, it’s easy to feel beaten down in a world where customers no longer seem to need you. As deals fall through and commissions dwindle, you feel desperation begin to sink in. Blow after blow, you wonder:Am I going to lose the career I love—to a robot?Anita Nielsen shows you how to get up off the mat and come out swinging. You don’t need another impractical system or framework that can easily be copied by any other sales professional. Everything you need to regain your confidence...


Exploring Macroeconomics, 7th Edition

Description Now you can gain a solid understanding of macroeconomic principles and how these principles affect your daily life with the unique EXPLORING MACROECONOMICS, 7E. Rather than a traditional encyclopedic text filled with technical details, this book offers a modern, “back-to-basics” approach designed to promote an understanding and appreciation of macroeconomics. The latest edition of this reader-friendly book includes new online learning tools, a visually appealing design, and the latest captivating content to encourage you to read and master the material. Packed with examples from current events and pop culture, EXPLORING MACROECONOMICS makes macroeconomics less intimidating while conveying the real-world relevance of macroeconomic principles. Download...


The Secrets to Your Next Job Interview

Description Discover The Secret Of Turning Job Interviews Into Job Offers With This Guide To Mastering Job Interviews With Ease! If you’ve always wanted the ability to land your dream job regardless of what the economy and job market is doing, but struggle with making a great impression on your prospective employers, then keep reading… Are you sick and tired of going from interview to interview and enduring needless heartbreaks without ever hearing back from a job you really desire? Have you always wanted to radiate confidence and competence during job interviews but your self-consciousness keeps getting in the way? Do you want to say...