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Your Best Just Got Better 0

Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Achieve More

Description Imagine if your best just got better every single day In Your Best Just Got Better, productivity expert Jason Womack teaches readers that working longer hours doesn’t make up for a flawed approach to productivity and performance. Workers need to clarify their habits, build mindset-based strategies, and be proactive. Womack’s signature “workplace performance” techniques offer specific strategies to consistently and incrementally improve performance. Readers will: Understand the fundamentals of workflow and the principles of human performance Arm themselves with the tools and the processes to get more of their work done, on time, with fewer resources, and with less stress Making your best better won’t...

Accelerate 0

Accelerate: Building Strategic Agility for a Faster-Moving World

Description Based on the award-winning article in Harvard Business Review, from global leadership expert John Kotter. It’s a familiar scene in organizations today: a new competitive threat or a big opportunity emerges. You quickly create a strategic initiative in response and appoint your best people to make change happen. And it does—but not fast enough. Or effectively enough. Real value gets lost and, ultimately, things drift back to the default status. Why is this scenario so frequently repeated in industries and organizations across the world? In the groundbreaking new book Accelerate (XLR8), leadership and change management expert, and best-selling author, John Kotter provides a fascinating...

Smart Start Up 0

Smart Start Up: Fundamental Strategies for Beating the Odds When Starting a Business

Description Written by two internationally-renowned public speakers with over 2M in past book sales Serves as a confidence-building how-to book for entrepreneurs Features key foundational strategies for launching a business successfully Lists pitfalls to avoid when planning and starting a business Presents negotiation strategies for every aspect of business Teaches simple, yet effective marketing methods for startups Highlights business communication and sales skills to generate revenue quickly Download Links Server1  |  Server2

Think Like Amazon 0

Think Like Amazon: 50 1/2 Ideas to Become a Digital Leader

Description The former Amazon executive who launched and scaled Amazon Marketplace delivers the ultimate playbook on how to “think like Amazon” and succeed in the digital age. “What would Jeff do?” Since leaving Amazon to advise start-ups and corporations, John Rossman has been asked this question countless times by executives who want to know “the secret” behind Amazon’s historic success. In this step-by-step guide, he provides 50 ½ answers drawn from his experience as an Amazon executive―and shows today’s business leaders how to think like Amazon, strategize like Bezos, and beat the competition like nobody’s business. Learn how to: •Move forward to get back to...

Effective Communication Skills 0

Effective Communication Skills: Includes 2 Manuscripts

Description Do you know that the first cause of relationship failure is the lack of communication? Do you want to find out how to get better results both in your everyday life in couple and in the workplace? Communication is an important tool for increasing productivity and promoting great relationships across all levels of an organization. Employers who invest their resources in building an effective communication system will quickly earn their employee’s trust which results in increased productivity and business growth. Similarly, employees who are good at communicating with fallow workers, management and costumers become valuable to the company and, additionally, this skill fast tracks...

The Motivated College Graduate 0

The Motivated College Graduate: A Job Search Book for Recent College Graduates

Description This comprehensive volume provides unprecedented insight and advice from some of the most credentialed and experienced career coaches and resume writers in the industry. These experts have specialized practices and work with recent college graduates on how to conduct an effective job search, stand out among competition, brand and design a winning resume, get interviews, and receive job offers. Download Links Server1  |  Server2

Fck Your Resume 0

F*ck Your Resume: The Revolutionary Guide to Getting Hired in the Digital Age

Description In his twenty years as a freelance journalist, Jeremy Dillahunt learned a thing or two about job seeking. Chief among them was one undeniable fact—the Internet has changed everything. The old rules no longer apply and if you want to get hired today, your resume just doesn’t work. The Internet does. So Jeremy decided to figure out how. In 2015, nearly 60 million job openings were accessible to jobseekers nationwide—thanks to the Internet. But this access is only one part of the equation. For many jobseekers, a huge challenge remains—how do I get my resume in front the hiring manager, and how do I use...

21st Century Networking 0

21st Century Networking: How to Become a Natural Networker

Description Networking can be seen as a daunting and intimidating task, yet interpersonal relationships remain at the heart of success for career and business development. In straightforward and simple terms, this book offers a practical approach to developing this core skill. Including chapters on assessing your networks, developing your personal brand, the softer skills of networking, using social media and making networking part of your everyday life, 21st Century Networking is filled with case studies to bring the theory to life through real examples. Download Links Server1  |  Server2

Linked In For Personal Branding The Ultimate Guide 0

Linked In For Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide

Description Your online presence matters more than ever in today’s global workplace. Professionals are logging-in to LinkedIn in record numbers, so your profile needs to represent you in the best possible light before and after a meeting or interview. LinkedIn For Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide is the leading strategic guidebook that most uniquely connects personal branding to the LinkedIn profile. Long’s book provides a comprehensive view of personal branding using LinkedIn’s profile, content sharing, and thought leadership capabilities. Additionally, Long has assembled a useful set of “How To” advice links that are available on a companion website. The website provides many resource pages and links related...

The Cat & the Banker 0

The Cat & the Banker: How to Get Started with Investing: An Illustrated Story

Description Why should learning about finance and investing be dull and confusing? The Cat & The Banker is a fun and unconventional illustrated book about investing for people who don’t know where to start. Truth be told, this really is most people. This accessible, creative guide is ideal for anyone put off by stuffy investment manuals. The Cat & the Banker addresses these problem: Books about personal finance tend to be dry and boring. The Cat & The Banker distills powerful ideas through a candid and fun conversation between a cat and his banker. The underlying story puts the notions in context and helps readers relate to the concepts. Few...