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The New York Times Best Sellers: Business – July, 2019

Description The New York Times Best Sellers are compiled and archived by The Best-Seller Lists Desk of The New York Times News Department, and are separate from the Culture, Advertising and Business sides of The New York Times Company. List: 01. DARE TO LEAD by Brené Brown 02. RANGE by David Epstein 03. BAD BLOOD by John Carreyrou 04. I WILL TEACH YOU TO BE RICH, 2nd Edition by Ramit Sethi 05. ATOMIC HABITS by James Clear 06. OUTLIERS by Malcolm Gladwell 07. EXTREME OWNERSHIP by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin 08. GRIT by Angela Duckworth 09. WOLFPACK by Abby Wambach 10. PRINCIPLES by Ray...

The Everyday Leader 0

The Everyday Leader: How to Motivate, Empower and Influence Those Around You

Description Every day, every one of us is a leader in some way – we just don’t necessarily know it. Leadership is about inspiring change and movement, whether on an individual level – a person’s attitude, behaviour, emotions or habits – or an organizational level – culture, goals, vision or strategy. By changing the way you approach the concept of leadership, The Everyday Leader will help you recognise and embrace your natural leadership qualities, so that you can be more motivated and empowered in the workplace and at home. The Everyday Leader tackles the main challenges that leaders face at some point in their career: leading teams; attaining...


Unlocking Your Creativity (Idiot’s Guides)

Description Creativity is the engine that drives personal self-fulfillment and business innovation. The busier and the more complicated life gets, the more difficult it is to relax and let creative ideas flow. Idiot’s Guides: Unlocking Your Creativity helps readers get past the barriers that keep them from being creative at work and in their daily lives. Helpful success stories are also included. Download Links Server1  |  Server2

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Go Fund Yourself

Description Go Fund Yourself isn’t about cutting back on coffee or walking to work and it definitely isn’t about becoming a bazillionaire overnight (sorry). I don’t believe in telling you what you should and shouldn’t spend your money on and sadly, get rich quick schemes are a load of BS. Instead, it combines time-tested, expert advice with fresh insights into how money works today and how you can earn, spend and invest your way towards living your best life. Through the lens of five topics: Learn it, Earn it, Start it, Spend it and Invest it, it covers all the essentials that we should have...

Starting an Online Business All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies 0

Starting an Online Business All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Description If you’ve thought of starting an online business or if you’re already selling online, here’s how to get your share of online customers. This second edition of Starting an Online Business All-in-One For Dummiescovers everything from creating a business plan and building a customer-friendly site to marketing with Facebook and MySpace. There’s even a section about setting up shop in the virtual world of Second Life. Eleven handy minibooks cover online business basics, legal and accounting, Web site design, online and operating, Internet security, boosting sales, retail to e-tail, storefront selling, fundraising sites, niche e-commerce, and e-commerce advanced. You’ll learn to: Build a business plan...


Measure, Execute, Win: Avoiding Strategic Initiative Debacles and Knowing What Your Business Can

Description There’s no lack of good ideas in today’s business world, yet 50% of them are doomed to failure. Executives will often greenlight a strategic initiative based on a business case and financial analyses alone, with no idea whether their company has the ability to execute it successfully. But there’s a better way to make corporate decisions. Alex Castro has developed the ReM Score™, a data-driven measurement for determining a company’s execution capability (or readiness) for each strategic initiative it is considering. Using this groundbreaking approach, business leaders can effectively evaluate potential acquisitions, new product concepts, new market expansions, and back-office optimizations by separating ideas...

Self as Coach, Self as Leader 0

Self as Coach, Self as Leader: Developing the Best in You to Develop the Best in Others

Description Pamela McLean, CEO and cofounder of the Hudson Institute for Coaching, has been at the forefront of the field for the past three decades, using clinical and organizational psychology to provide the highest-quality coaching and development training to professionals in organizations and solo practice worldwide. Now, Pamela is teaching readers to cultivate their leadership potential through “use of self as instrument,” a key dimension of developmental coaching that emphasizes the whole person. Her holistic methods give coaches and other leaders a clearer framework for getting to know themselves, exploring their multiple layers, and fostering their latent abilities so that they can foster the abilities...

Social Media Marketing Workbook 2019 0

Social Media Marketing Workbook 2019

Description In today’s job market and entrepreneurial landscape, there is no room for being another face in the crowd. You have to separate yourself from the competition. You have to be more appealing to your target audience and you can achieve it by creating a recognizable personal brand. This is an advanced guide to building your personal brand. In this guide, we’re going to explain how you can gain exposure through earned media, advertising and a few other strategies. Following the steps in this chapter will give you formulas for creating content that is appealing to your target audience while establishing you as an authority. Learn to...


The World Needs Your F*cking Ideas: How to Start a Business That Will Save Our Universe

Description You have an incredible idea that you can’t get out of your head. It’s all you think about, day-in, day-out, but you’re reluctant to share it with anyone because you’re afraid you lack the experience, knowledge, or capital to put it into action. Ben VandenWymelenberg not only believes in your idea–he thinks it’s essential to the survival of our planet. In The World Needs Your F*cking Ideas, Ben combines inspirational stories and irreverent humor with the straight talk and entrepreneurial wisdom you need to turn your Big Idea into reality. With his expert guidance, you can plan a clear path forward, bounce back from failures,...

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Perform Under Pressure

Description *Radically change the way you think about pressure* ‘Whatever it is you want to improve in your own life, this book will help you do it.’ RICHIE McCAW, former All Blacks captain Perform Under Pressure will help you not only survive but thrive in situations that up until now have been holding you back. Targeting the moments when you are most stressed and uncomfortable, Dr Ceri Evans’ red-blue mind model converts his clinical insights into a simple approach that will help you gain emotional control when you need it most. If you want to be better at what you do, pressure is unavoidable. This...