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The Single Guy Cookbook 0

The Single Guy Cookbook

Description Delicious and Easy Man-Centric Food To Wow a Crowd or Party of One There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to step away from the microwave. With the help of Avi’s man-centric recipes, techniques and commentary, you’ll build confidence in the kitchen-and you’ll have some pretty amazing meals to show for it. Dishes are geared toward cooking the perfect burger, using leftovers to make a gourmet meal that’ll wow your family, impressing a date, saving money, feeding the guys on game day and just flat out making an easy, hearty meal you can sit down and enjoy alone. Recipes include...


Tasty Energetic Chocolate Cookbook: Make Your Day Energetic & Lively

Description Do you care for what you can prepare fast, to deal with your hunger and be satisfied? Taste Energetic Chocolates Cookbook has provided absolute solutions to all your bothering questions by giving easy-to-prepare sensational chocolates which can be prepared from 5 minutes above to feel more satisfied and relaxed after stressful day. Download Links Server 1  | Server 2 (Size: 1.7 MB)


The Essential Pudding Cookbook: 30 Chocolate Pudding Recipes Anyone Can Make

Description The doctor told my daughter that when she her wisdom tooth extracted, she could only eat soft foods like mashed potatoes and pudding. I asked her what flavor of pudding she preferred, and instantly she said chocolate. This would be answer for a lot of us because chocolate it is the most popular flavor of pudding in the world. The creamy cocoa taste is a favorite for many people, young and old, and especially when mixed in with different textures like avocado, milk and tapioca. You will also find room in the belly for a bowl of this delicious treat, even after a big...

The Craft of Baking 0

The Craft of Baking

Description Using the bounty of the seasons as inspiration and Karen’s clear instructions, both beginners and experienced bakers will find it easy to let their creativity take the reins. Learn how to make Karen’s celebrated sweets, such as Apple Fritters with Caramel Ice Cream and Apple Caramel Sauce, White Chocolate Cupcakes with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Buttercream, and Raised Cinnamon-Sugar Doughnuts.Then check out the tips on «varying your craft» to transform Grandma Rankin’s Cashew Brittle into Pumpkin Seed Brittle and to alter a cobbler recipe to make Rhubarb Rose Cobbler in the spring or Mixed Berry Cobbler in the summer, for example. Karen’s suggestions for...

Keto Soups Cookbook High Fat Low Carb Recipes For Fat Loss 0

Keto Soups Cookbook High Fat Low Carb Recipes For Fat Loss

Description KETOGENIC DIET is the most powerful and effective diet available in the market today. If you follow everything mentioned in this book, you will lose 22 pounds in 1 month guaranteed or else we will give back your money. This book will give you complete detail on what you should eat and what you should not eat to stay in the state of Ketosis. Benefits of ketogenic diet: 1 Weight loss 2 Blood sugar level stable 3 Increased Mental focus 4 Increase in energy 5 Better appetite control 6 Cures Epilepsy 7 Controls cholesterol and blood pressure 8 Control insulin resistance (diabetes) 9 Cures...

Delicious Gluten Free Recipes 0

Delicious Gluten Free Recipes

Description This is a book of recipes and suggestions to help those who are gluten intolerant to enjoy their food. In this book, she has tried to help mothers, chefs, and restaurateurs to understand that even a tiny amount of gluten can upset the health of those, like herself, who ask for no gluten in their food. She has heard that one in eighty people in New Zealand alone have this problem, so she has set about to help others. When she dines out and asks for “no gluten, please,” she knows that all the nice touches to the meal will be taken away, such...

Kali Linux Intrusion and Exploitation Cookbook 0

Kali Linux Intrusion and Exploitation Cookbook

Description Over 70 recipes for system administrators or DevOps to master Kali Linux 2 and perform effective security assessments About This Book Set up a penetration testing lab to conduct a preliminary assessment of attack surfaces and run exploits Improve your testing efficiency with the use of automated vulnerability scanners Work through step-by-step recipes to detect a wide array of vulnerabilities, exploit them to analyze their consequences, and identify security anomalies Who This Book Is For This book is intended for those who want to know more about information security. In particular, it’s ideal for system administrators and system architects who want to ensure that...


Visions of Sugar Plums: The Best Christmas Dessert Recipes

Description Home for the holidays? One of the highlights of the holiday season, besides the gifts, time with family, parties, and fun traditions, is definitely the Christmas treats only enjoyed once a year. No Christmas meal would be complete without an indulgent dessert or two. If you get visions of sugar plums dancing in your head when you think about the upcoming holiday season Download Links Server 1  | Server 2 (Size 3.9 MB)


Best Bento Recipes for Kids: 50 Unique Bento Lunches Recipes

Description For kids’ lunch is just as much a social occasion as it is for nourishment. Bento boxes for kids are an easy way for kids to enjoy both! This collection of bento recipes aims to ignite your imagination and inspire you to create great bento recipes for kids. Designed to enhance the lunch experience, these 50 bento recipes include everything from delicious and healthy proteins, fruits and veggies, and tasty extras such as pita chips and hummus or broccoli slaw! Download Links Server 1  | Server 2 (Size 7.4 MB)