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The Genius Gluten-Free Cookbook 0

The Genius Gluten-Free Cookbook

Description Life is too short for gluten-free food to be dull. So, the founder of no.1 free-from brand, Genius gluten-free, Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, shows us lots of tasty ways to keep it interesting.On the menu are: Tasty tarts and pies, soups and salads, and pasta and pizzas; breakfast treats like American Pancakes and French Toast; nutritious family favourites from Chicken Pie to Lasagne and Savoury Crepes, and inspiring ideas for entertaining, including Cheese and Rosemary Sables and Tarte Tatin.Packed with tips, advice and knowledge gleaned from years of exhaustive research and experience – from how to read food labels, the science behind ingredients, the benefits of...

Good Housekeeping Keto Diet 0

Good Housekeeping Keto Diet: 100+ Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes

Description With 60 easy and flavorful recipes that focus on high fats, low carbs, and lean proteins, the editors of Good Housekeeping help dieters jump-start their keto eating plan. Keto has become the diet of choice for losing weight—and it’s also winning over converts who want to eat better and live healthier. Followers claim the popular high-fat, low-carb eating plan has helped them quickly shed pounds, while also boosting energy and relieving other ailments such as inflammation. But the diet’s aim of inducing ketosis—a metabolic process where your body burns fat instead of carbs for energy—can leave dieters feeling like they’re faced with restrictive meal...

The Nut Butter Cookbook 0

The Nut Butter Cookbook: Over 70 Recipes that Put the ‘Nut’ in Nutrition

Description Nut butter is the new superfood. You’re now as likely to see almond butter as peanut butter on supermarket shelves everywhere. It’s a fabulous, high-protein option for those looking to avoid both dairy and palm oil, as well as tasting fantastic.Pip & Nut is the fastest-growing nut butter brand in the UK and this trailblazing cookbook will show you not only how to make your own nut butters, but how to use them in breakfasts, snacks, savoury dishes, dessert and bakes, and smoothies.With recipes including Bakewell Tart Waffles, Nut Butter Slaw, Peanut Butter and Cacao Protein Balls, Almond Butter Matcha Smoothie, and Baked Peanut...

The Book of Tea 0

The Book of Tea: Growing It, Making It, Drinking It, The History, Recipes and Lots More

Description This is a book about tea but not as you’ve ever seen before. It takes the core information about tea but presents it in a highly original and entertaining way. It uses infographics and illustrations to convey facts and figures as well as other informative content.With five parts, the book starts off with a celebration of tea-drinking around the world: from drinking masala chai in tea shacks in India or from a samovar in Russia, to the dramatic pouring of Moroccan mint tea and the brewing of a salty butter tea in Tibet.Part two is an illustrated timeline that takes you through the history...

Sweet, Savory, and Sometimes Boozy Cupcakes 0

Sweet, Savory, and Sometimes Boozy Cupcakes

Description Taking cupcakes to the next level is a specialty of Cupcake Wars―here are recipes from one of its popular winners. Europeans serve savory cheese after a nice meal. Americans prefer something sweet and sugary. Alison Riede manages to marry the two concepts with her wildly original and surprisingly delicious cupcakes. She starts with the flavors and winds up with something that defies expectation Download Links Server1  |  Server2 (Size : 7.2 MB)

The Healthy Breakfast Cookbook 0

The Healthy Breakfast Cookbook: Easy, Balanced Recipes for Busy Mornings

Description Start the day off right with tasty, healthy breakfasts. Whether you are single or feeding a family of five, preparing a balanced breakfast isn’t always a luxury you may have. Fortunately, The Healthy Breakfast Cookbook will equip you with tools and recipes to make a healthy, delicious breakfast―with time left to eat it too. Filled with delicious recipes like Sweet Potato Breakfast Biscuits and Protein-Packed Banana Pancakes, this cookbook offers something for every type of morning eater―and every type of schedule. You’ll find a range of nutritionally balanced breakfasts, whether you’re planning ahead or scrambling to throw something together (and even a few recipes...

Camping Cookbook + Easy Campfire Cooking 2

Camping Cookbook + Easy Campfire Cooking

Description Cooking on the open fire has its charm, the close contact with nature, the fresh air and everything else, make an exceptional appetite come.Thanks to this book you can learn all the best recipes and cooking techniques for outdoor cooking:Sticks: recipes not only for s’mores, but for everything from meatballs to eggs. Skewers and kebabs: recipes include pork, shrimp, vegetables and even pizza. Aluminum packages: potato and egg recipes for breakfast and fajitas for dessert dinner such as pears in caramel sauce Download Links Server1  |  Server2 (Size : 430 KB)

The Punjabi Cookbook 0

The Punjabi Cookbook: 50 Vibrant and Aromatic Recipes

Description An exciting menu format, this recipe book will take you on a nostalgic journey of cooking through Punjab. It features signature village recipes like Butter chicken and the famous Rajma Chawal (Red kidney bean curry with boiled rice), as well as special recipes from king’s table such as a Dal Makhani and Shahi Paneer.A colourful and tasteful collection of recipes from the cuisine of Punjab is delicious and easy to prepare. If you love Punjabi cuisine and can’t resist the immense aroma and flavours, try these recipes from the amazing content list. Punjabi recipes are cooked spices and also full of aromas that will...

It's 90% Diet 101 Weight Loss Recipes 0

It’s 90% Diet: 101 Weight Loss Recipes

Description This ebook is packed with over 100 weight loss recipes formulated to taste great while providing excellent nutritional quality for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and post-workout. Learn realistic ways to deal with the top 5 reasons people are overweight from dining out, portion control, mindless eating, food tasting so good, and social eating. Modern culture is obsessed with immediate gratification when it comes to weight loss and the reality is that no amount of exercise can compete with a poor diet. The constant cycle between wanting to eat good food and wanting to lose weight ends today as both are achievable when you can prepare...

Home 0

Home: Recipes to Cook with Family and Friends

Description Top Chef Masters finalist Bryan Voltaggio’s tribute to the American comfort food he enjoyed growing up, elevated with sophisticated and irresistible new recipes. Bryan Voltaggio brings an authentic love for seasonal, farm-to-table cooking and a playful and distinctive approach to classic dishes in his first solo cookbook. Many of the recipes celebrate his Middle-Atlantic roots in inventive ways, like Crab Waffle Benedict, Chicken Pot Pie Fritters, Sweet Potato and Chickpea Fries, and Spring Onion and Rhubarb Salad. Voltaggio loves to cook for a crowd and a special occasion, and he has included his menus for the gatherings with family and friends that mean the...