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The Little Red Book of Yoga Wisdom (Little Red Books) 0

The Little Red Book of Yoga Wisdom (Little Red Books)

Description In Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, the word yoga means “spiritual discipline.” Modern yoga is thought of mainly in the context of its postures, but the actual meaning of yoga goes much deeper than that. Though its exact history is unknown, the first recorded instance appears in ancient Shamanism, a religion that involved healing its community members, among other functions.Throughout history, yoga has developed and adapted depending on its practicing members. While its original focus was applying and understanding the world, its focus was later changed to the self, with self-enlightenment being the ultimate goal. Later, the poses and meditation became critical elements in practicing...

The Little Blue Book of Travel Wisdom 0

The Little Blue Book of Travel Wisdom (Little Red Books)

Description From the early explorers to space travelers and holiday jetsetters, those in transit have acknowledged both the benefits and downsides of life on the go. The Little Blue Book of Travel Wisdom is a collection of these musings on travel, be it for research purposes, business, or vacation, via a plane, a bus, or a train. Just some of the figures cited in the book include: Robert Frost Mark Twain Maya Angelou Pat Conroy Rick Steves Ivanka Trump John Steinbeck Angelina Jolie Oscar Wilde Michael Crichton Jerry Seinfeld Clay Aiken And so many more! Download Links Server1  |  Server2 (Size : 7.4 MB)

There Is No Right Way to Meditate 0

There Is No Right Way to Meditate: And Other Lessons

Description In There Is No Right Way to Meditate, award-winning artist Yumi Sakugawa helps you tap into your inner self and finally find the peace that you’ve been seeking. Each page offers a unique perspective on how to lead a more mindful life, with captivating ink illustrations and encouraging words like, “it’s okay if the only thing you did today was breathe.” From simple ways to get rid of a bad mood to instructions for making your intentions come true, her lessons will inspire you to become more aware of the present moment and find stillness no matter where you go. Download Links Server1  | ...


The Book of the Year 2018

Description Following hot on the heels of the success of The Book of the Year (or, more precisely, 12 months later), The Book of the Year 2018 will be making its way into the nation’s bookshops this autumn. Compiled and written by the creators of the award-winning hit comedy podcast No Such Thing As A Fish, all of whom are researchers for QI, The Book of the Year 2018 will bravely delve behind the headlines to sniff out the best and most bizarre facts of the last 12 months. Among many other things, it will establish that: Britain’s first robot shop assistant was sacked after a week. Donald Trump claimed the US sells...