Dark Psychology: Why You Need to Learn Now Secrets Techniques


History is full of politicians, leaders, CEOs and other such personality types that build their own success, careers, and fortunes on getting others to follow where they lead. In many cases, this is harmless with people supporting a person because of their genuine interest in their platforms and running points or vision of the future. In other cases, human history shows the dangers of individuals with social influence, particularly when they are given power (or seize) power over others.

Ever wonder how they accomplished their rise to power and riches? Dark Psychology: Why YOU NEED to Learn NOW secrets techniques to influence people with Manipulation, Persuasion, Deception, Mind Control, Covert NLP and Brainwashing + BONUS  is the book you have been searching for! Filled with information on Dark Psychology and its many faces and uses, our helpful and informative guide is unbeatable when it comes to explaining the theories, methods, techniques, and practices used by those with a talent for influence over others in order to promote themselves, their products or their beliefs.

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