[100% off] Earth Seven: a History Department Misadventure


Welcome to the universe after we finally conquer the urge to blow it all up.

It’s the sort of utopia we all dream of.

Well almost, if it contained a probability calculator and teams of well-meaning assistants and assassins.

Even a universe at peace is still a dangerous place.

Physics Professor Antino Klept is missing. His latest experiment may put the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies on a collision course (currently a 38.2% probability).

Meanwhile a primitive planet in contact quarantine has started using advanced comms technology. Not what we expect from a planet with only a medieval civilization.

Allor found a crashed spaceship a long time ago. It has taken him years to understand just a fraction of the technology he recovered. But his persistence has paid off.

He heals the sick with alien technology.

He flies across the sky as if by magic.

He even has an interstellar drive but believes it is a weapon.

Allor is on the cusp of uniting Earth Seven under his rule. But the cost could be high.

How many would you kill to end all war?

Rookie Field Historian Koven Modi is sent to Earth Seven to investigate.

Koven isn’t the best person for the job.

He’s the only one left.

Everyone else is looking for Prof. Klept.

Will Koven recover the lost technology?

Can Allor stop him and finally end centuries of war?

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