[100% off] Flight of the Lionheart: The Dark Pilgrim


The Empire of Andumon is a land with no history, no memories.
Two decades ago, the Empire gave itself over to tyranny. And with surrender came the violent purge of history. Libraries stand desolate. Book burnings glow ominously on street corners. People must erase their memories or be accused of high treason.

After all, it is history that would remind Andumon of a time before fear and oppression, before the reign of the tyrant.

In the small town of Adanac, far removed from the heart of the Empire and its dangerous politics, life for Gilaon and his townspeople continues simply. But everything is about to change.

When his village is violently attacked, Gilaon is pitched into a vast and perilous world. As he travels across the wilds of Andumon, he discovers the key piece to a revolutionary plot.

Gilaon cannot rest until he unravels the secrets of his own mother’s mysterious past, and of her involvement with an underground rebellion.

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