GCC: The Complete Reference


The Definitive Resource on Using GCC for Development

Learn to use GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) to develop and deploy a wide range of software across virtually all platforms and languages. Computer consultant Arthur Griffith provides a rich array of information on the most important piece of open source software in the world. Divided into three clearly-defined sections, this book explains command online options for each of the languages, describes in detail how multiple languages can be successfully mixed to build applications, and concludes with chapters devoted to utility programs such as automatic configuration and the debugger. Discover exciting new programming possibilities with this professional resource–plus, utilize the added ability in GCC to compile Java code into native code or bytecodes.

• Install a newly compiled version of GCC and run a test suite
• Build applications for Linux, Windows, and embedded platforms
• Utilize preprocessor directives
• Compile C, C++, Objective C, Fortran, Java, and Ada
• Develop at the operating system level
• Support multiple locales with internalization, localization, and native language support
• Examine and manipulate object files
• Work with archives, shared libraries, and fully linked executable files
• Build all open source software–including Linux, GNOME, KDE, StarOffice, and the Apache Web Server–and the applications that run on them

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