Introduction to Adsorption: Basics, Analysis, and Applications


Introduction to Adsorption: Basics, Analysis, and Applications presents adsorption basics that are relevant and essential to its application, including data analysis, interpretation and design calculations. The book deliberately keeps background information to a minimum, instead comprehensively covering adsorption of liquid solutions, the difference between equilibrium individual solute uptake and surface excess, a general discussion of adsorbate uptake mechanisms and uptake rate expression, uptake steps, performance models and their generalizations, application of performance models, and design methods based on the constant behavior assumption and unused bed length concept.

  • Includes adsorption basics and their applications
  • Discusses gas adsorption equilibrium and equilibrium of liquid adsorption
  • Gives the various steps of adsorbate uptake and their combination to yield adsorbate uptake rate expression
  • Presents both rational and empirical design for adsorption processes
  • Highlights common mistakes found in recent adsorption publications

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