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JavaScript is among the widely computer programming languages in the world. It has been in the computer programming field for well over 40 years, and it is known as a high level language due to the competence it has established in the programming field. JavaScript is used by various software companies in the world, so much that many computer operations will not work without it. So, it’s a great idea to try using it too.

The most exciting feature of JavaScript is that it allows you to program using English-based commands, not numeric codes and that makes it a whole lot easier for humans to program. This means programmers can read and easily understand the computer language.

Another uniqueness of JavaScript is that the producing company always update the language so that modern operations and newly developed patterns can be easily programmed into a computer. That sounds great, and that is a reason you should trust JavaScript. But that certainly comes with a load of problems. It makes it all the more complicated for you to try using JavaScript. The first is that there are vital skills you need in order to navigate JavaScript as an expert. If you are a beginner who hasn’t even run the JavaScript application by accident or you have some raw idea, the book attached below can help you explore easily. It will provide details of data structure, basic programming structure, advance programming structure, various kinds of test execution and so many others. It is also written in a simple and relative style that would answer every question you have at every turn of practice.

“JavaScript for Beginners: The simplified for absolute beginner’s guide to learn and understand computer programming coding with JavaScript step by step. Basics concepts and practice examples inside” by Matthew Python.

This book is ideal for you as a starter who knows nothing about programming. Step by step, you will find all the basics of computer coding with JavaScript. So, be sure reading this means you are training to become a top class programmer who can confidently code computers with a sound knowledge of JavaScript Basics.

Among others, you will learn:

  • What is JavaScript? (JavaScript in XHTML documents, in browsers, etc.)
  • Why JavaScript? (Types of JavaScript execution, how to create one, Python Vs Java and so on)
  • Basic Programming Structure
  • Advance Programming Structure
  • Data Structures: Objects and Arrays.
  • Higher Order Functions
  • What is JavaScript Cookies?

Be rest assured, every piece of information you’d like to find is attached in one of these chapters. Whether your research is for personal, or official reasons, this book can give you all the basic you need to know about JavaScript.

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