Practical Django 2 and Channels 2: Building Projects and Applications with Real-Time Capabilities


Learn how to rapidly build your own ecommerce site by applying Django’s battle-tested components. This book demonstrates Django’s features and conventions to help you develop modern web applications quickly. You’ll adopt a “learn by doing” approach and gain a deeper understanding Django by working through a project in which the real-time component will be critical.

The book starts with the basics and explains the difference between a Django project and a Django app, the most important settings, how to change them, and the fundamentals of packaging. You’ll then be introduced to all the standard tools of Django, along with a sample project. The book then moves on to Channels, a recent addition to the Django ecosystem. It extends the framework with support for real-time operations such as Websockets and other asynchronous features.

Practical Django 2 and Channels 2 provides the practical concepts needed to create complex, database-driven websites as easily as possible.

What You’ll Learn
  • Build and deploy a simple company site with Django
  • Develop more complex, data-heavy sites using the Django ORM
  • Integrate Django with Channels
  • Unit-test your solutions
Who This Book Is For
Python developers and web developers wanting to learn Django 2 and Channels 2

Download Links

Server 1  | Server 2 (Size 4.9 MB)

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