[Expired] Self Sufficient Sailor: Completely Revised and Expanded


This book is just what the title says. It is the distillation of what the Lin and Larry learned during more than 47 years of sailing together, years during which they covered more than 210,0000 miles on board their two cutters, Seraffyn and Taleisin, and on scores of other boats they have delivered or raced. Lin and Larry tell how they have sailed in comfort and safety without large cash outlay- on a pay-as-you-earn-as-you-go plan and by simplifying. The first two editions of this invaluable text have seen more than 60,000 copies reach people who dream of setting sail, be it for a weekend voyage across to an offshore island, or for a world circumnavigation. Lin continues voyaging now she is well into her seventh decade of life. Armed with what she is learning as she explores the islands and far corners of the Tasman Sea, she has updated and revised the information found in the original edition plus added several new chapters. Amidst the new material is an extensive look at the lessons learned as Lin and Larry safely negotiated the stormy waters around Cape Horn and beyond. This book could help you cut the ties that bind you to shore.

”Let me be clear, ‘The Self Sufficient Sailor’ was a very important book in my life and it makes perfect sense that Lin Pardey is releasing a 3rd revised and updated edition because the book transcends time. It spoke to me when I was a wide-eyed 24-year-old contemplating a passage around Cape Horn, and this new edition speaks me to today as a 60 year old salt, still plying oceans year after year. I flat out love the premise, the practice and the reward of self-sufficiency that Lin and Larry Pardey espouse. While Lin includes new chapters for modern cruisers, and also chronicles their voyage around Cape Horn, she has included all the original material and that’s where the magic lurks. I poured over delightful chapters that compared the merits of sculling over rowing, and completely concur with Larry’s frank assessment of how to prioritize safety concerns offshore. Lin also explains her new cruising life, tenderly paying homage to her life long partner. The sense of simplicity, patience, honesty and quiet competence that are the corner stones of all of Lin and Larry’s books are never more apparent than in this wonderful new release of a sailing classic. It was an honor to read it in draft form.” —John Kretschmer, delivery skipper and author, Flirting with Mermaids

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