[100% off] Simple Steps to Master Public Speaking


Learn to Public Speak the Simple Way!

Scared about getting up in front of a big group of people? Never given a public speech before? Don’t have the time to become an expert? This is the book for you!

Designed for the first time public speaker, Simple Steps to Master Public Speaking shows you easy ways to deliver a killer public speech! Topics include

– the roots of our public speaking anxiety, along with clear, simple steps and exercises to break through the trepidation.

– the process to successfully write a powerful presentation, from start to finish, in very little time

– how to succeed on stage in front of others, with concepts such as Incorporating Humor, Use of Gestures, Choice of Vocabulary, and many many more.

No big words or scary terms in this book! Just easy to implement tips and tricks 🙂

Throughout the book, Bauman weaves in funny and honest examples from his own growth path in public speaking, revealing the true benefits that come from advancing your public speaking skills. The purpose of the book? To help you realize your potential as a public speaker, and experience the amazing confidence that comes from delivering a successful public speech.

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