The Great Sacrifice: Cooking for your Little Fellows as Your Best Self


Being a single parent is a choice you have to consistently live by, especially if you do not have a partner. You have to be strong and capable, resilient and brave, determined and strong-minded. You have to put your back to everything you do because you are not just thinking of yourself, but a little munchkin. As a parent, you would do anything and everything for your child, but as a single parent, you have to be both father and mother. You cannot relegate duties, as you need to become all in all for your child

So, whether it is the birthday parties, breakfasts, lunch boxes, and school creative days, you have to know exactly what meal your young chap can have. You have to take into considerations their health benefits, diet plan, and food allergies. If you are a parent who is overtly organized, you might have a calendar just to have things effective, and for them to run smoothly. This entire process can still be very tiring, even if you are doing it for the persons you love. Your food savior is here! You can have this recipe book and check off worrying about food forever on your to-do list. It would help you plan and give you the most delicious treats and give your children a new food journey.

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