The Leadership Code: Using Life’s Lessons to Inspire Others


The conventional perception of a leader is someone who holds a certain status: captain, coach, CEO, or other executive. And, while all of us also can be joyful followers, we all have the ability and responsibility to be leaders. In fact, anyone in any position can lead. THE LEADERSHIP CODE explores that unconventional notion of personal leadership and blends it with the conventional perception by telling the journey of Paul Whitey Kapsalis, who grew into leadership roles in sports, business and other areas of life, and using his observations of exceptional everyday leaders he encountered on his life path.

THE LEADERSHIP CODE highlights the intangibles every human being is capable of: trust, transparency, honesty, integrity, sacrifice, teamwork and presence. All that starts with Philotimo, a Greek word that roughly translates to honor in doing the right thing, but encompasses a much broader philosophy akin to servant leadership. Philotimo reflects an honor and motivation based in a humility that values others above oneself. It also begins with a commitment to yourself. When Philotimobased human qualities are practiced, we are at our greatest leading potential. No matter the age. No matter the position.

This is such an empowering message that says the true definition of leadership is humanity, carrying oneself with a quiet confidence, truly wishing for the good of another and leaving others better off than they were before on this beautiful journey of life.

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