[100% off] The Society of Orion: Book One Weapons


Was Orion a real person? Did he have weapons that he left on earth?
Colton Banyon and his partner Loni Chen receive an invitation to a ceremony for a dedication to his famous ancestor Jakub Banyon. When they arrive in Warsaw, Poland, they were promptly attacked and kidnapped. They soon escape and go after the kidnappers only to discover that they were sent by the head of a very secret organization called the Society of Orion. He needs their help.
The leader explains that the Society of Orion is charged with the protection of the Orion weapons, but some have all gone missing. The leader, Albin Wilk, wants Banyon to find the missing fifteen weapons in three days because some of them had been activated. He tells Banyon that the crisis is caused by his ancestor, Jakub Banyon, because he kept a diary that explained the powers and how to work each weapon. The diary had recently been discovered and published in a newspaper.
Soon, Banyon discovers that the history of the Wilk family and the Banyon family have been tied together for hundreds of years. Nothing is what it seems. He decides to find the weapons and clear his ancestor’s name.
While Loni puts together a chart of the weapons and where to locate them, Banyon begins to call in the troops. They include the Patel clan and people from Dewey & Beatem. Soon they have a plan and begin the recovery of the weapons. But nothing goes as planned and Banyon must make constant iterations to stay ahead of the many people after the weapons.

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