[100% off] The World in Johnny’s Back Garden


Johnny didn’t intentionally mean to get involved with, Maisie, the old lady next door. Rumours around the playground claimed she was a witch and children threw stones at her windows. But Johnny wasn’t like other kids, he found her kind and caring, if not just a little weird. She claimed he had a gift and made him feel special.

That was until the ‘incident’. Waking up in hospital without any memory of what happened to him, Johnny started to see things. Incredible things. But upon returning home he was horrified to discover even his own parents had turned against this sweet old lady. Had the whole world gone mad? Or did the bang on the head turn him mad?

Johnny’s world erupts into chaos. Not only has he made an enemy of the school bully but unexplainable events make him start to question his own sanity. Worst of all he can never share his experiences with the only person in the world who would understand, Maisie.

When the real-life monster comes, Johnny finally understands. He will never see things the same ever again.

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