[100% off] Using Psychology to Overcome Mass Fears


Understand and overcome mass fears that saturate your everyday life.

Living with less fear offers many benefits. These include both psychological and physiological improvements. Read this book and get these benefits today!

Imagine this scene: a notification on your phone leads you to an article on a major news website. It talks about a clear and present danger to you and your loved ones.

Rampant crime. Terrorist attacks. Viral outbreaks. Rising cancer rates. Local pollution. Global climate change. Cybersecurity threats. Trade wars. Real wars. Job insecurity. Shaking economy. The list goes on.

You read the article and sense a tide of fear rising in you. The information you got seems valuable, so what can you do to protect you and your loved ones? As you think about this, you feel a range of additional emotions appearing – anger, dread, anxiety, just to name a few. This is one of the numerous cycles you and anyone else can go through each day.

This book was made to help you break free of that cycle and overcome mass fears, both present, and future. As a psychologist with years of experience in a hospital setting and private counseling, but also in fields mass media, I believe that mass fears are something we all struggle with on some level. I decided to write Using Psychology to Overcome Mass Fears to help anyone to first understand mass fears and then use their emotional and intellectual potential to defeat them.

This is why this book includes

– The explanation of basic mechanisms of mass fear.
– Our genetic predisposition for spreading of information.
– Insight into the news cycle and its psychological elements.
– A method based on the humanistic psychology of emotional awareness, acceptance, and integration that allows anyone to outgrow these fears once and for all.

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